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I just put on my new seat brackets on my Jeep 2011 2 door driver's side.  It is great to have that much room, I am 6'5" 280lbs.  The brackets look great and fit perfect.


George M.

I just wanted to thank you and your company for this product.  These two brackets helped me keep my Jeep.  I cannot believe how a little more room can really help.  It's like driving a brand new vehicle.  I will recommend to all my Jeep friends.

Matt P.

Installed your BigBoy brackets in my 2015 Rubicon Unlimited and they are GREAT!  Your brackets are well designed, well made and the finish is second to none.  Best of all, I can now see stoplights without bending down.

B. Moose

It is indeed refreshing today to do business with a company that is sincere in responding to their customers' concerns.  The armrests pads arrived today.  They are installed and LOOK GREAT!  Problem solved, thanks to Misch 4X4.

Cliff S.

As a small business owner I was impressed that you called me personally... I will always look to your company first for new products before going elsewhere.

James F.

Greetings - Just wanted to email a quick note on our satisfaction with the Big Boy Brackets.  The directions were flawless - the quality and fit of the brackets were beyond our expectations.  Many THANKS for a quality product and a pleasant customer experience.

Terry & Tammera M.


Class, Cargo and Comfort Upgrades By Jim Brightly

Bestop designs and builds an exciting mix of the highest quality Jeep tops—both soft tops and hardtops—as well as other Jeep accessories adding fit, function and style to your Jeep. And Bestop has been in four wheeling for a longer time than I have—more than 50 years—and I bought my first Jeep top from them nearly 45 years ago.


Speaking of Jeep tops, with Jeep’s JK three-piece hardtop, we can have our cake and eat it too. On the road to the trailhead, we can have the complete hardtop in place and then remove the two top panels at the trailhead like a Targa top and be lidless on the trail. But if you’re on a drive-through trail and not a loop—or concerned about the security of the top panels—what can you do with the removed panels? You don’t want to let them bounce around the backend of the Jeep and get scratched up, so you wrap them in blankets and strap them down.


Misch’s top panel storage case mounts vertically behind the backseats of both the two- and four-door models. They have two internal compartments to separate and protect the top panels.


Enter Misch 4X4 Products and the inventive mind of owner Doug Misch. Relatively new in the four-wheeling marketplace, Misch 4x4 Products offers some really neat products (see Comfort below also) that fill some small niches left open by Jeep. One of these products is the Storage Tote, which attaches to the vertical roll bars directly behind the rear seat in either the two-door or four-door. The panels store in individual compartments that are padded and won’t allow them to touch each other. The storage tote may be used with or without the rear seat in the vehicle, and one person can remove or store the filled tote with ease—you only have to tilt the rear seats forward while you stow the tote or remove it. (Misch also makes a cool trash receptacle that fits in the two cup holders on the rear of the center console, which also works as a water bowl for the dogs, and it doesn’t slide all over the back of the Jeep.)


Although the JK’s dash and forward passenger compartments are designed very well, it’s very difficult to find a location to mount a CB or 2-meter radio (on mine, the top-center of the dash is occupied by my Garmin Trail Guide GPS so that’s out). Doug Misch has the solution, plus it provides more storage that’s handy as heck: an overhead shelf. You’ll have to forget about dropping the windshield for that bugs-in-the-teeth trail ride (but with the amount of things you have to remove to drop windshield, who cares anyway?) because the shelf attaches to the back of the windshield frame and side roll bars. It’s made of 14-gauge ABS plastic, so it’s plenty strong enough to support a CB or 2-meter radio, and it might even be able to carry both.




Misch offers a very comfortable pad for the JK’s center console, which is secured by the four screws already in the console’s cover.


Anyone who has spent more than an hour in a JK, either on the road or on the trail, will feel like his or her elbows must be bleeding profusely given how much they hurt and burn. Doug Misch to the rescue—and I don’t mean with tourniquets—with his center console cap and armrests. The console cap is sold individually and mounts with the four screws found on the console lid.



Misch also offers armrests for each of the four doors. While the armrests are a bit more firm than the console pad, they’re still much more comfortable than the OEM armrests.


The armrests are sold in pairs for the front doors and for the rear doors. These are a bit more difficult to install, but the directions are complete and thorough. It’ll take you about 10 minutes per door. I just wish I’d known about the console cap and armrests before my 3,500-mile trip to the Midwest last summer. Whew, my elbows are just now recovering.


And as I said earlier, the Smittybilt red-and-black seat covers also belong in this section. The added padding and comfort they provide more than proved itself on my Midwest trip, plus they look great!



The ultimate in off-road comfort, class, and cargo: a Little Guy Rough Rider trail-ready teardrop trailer. Check for more information on the Rough Rider in the future.



4-Wheel Drive Hardware, Inc.


You  Can Also Find Misch 4x4 Products At These  Retailers:

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