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Misch's Dash Top Tray is molded of elastomer-blended polyethylene with a high-impact ABS plastic insert. Tray is pliable but follows the contour of the center top section of the JK Jeep dash. Smooth plastic insert is suitable for securing GPS suction mounting brackets. There are compartments with raised outlines to hold cell phones, coins, etc. Soft texture of the tray keeps items from “rattling.” Tray attaches to dash by means of included hook and loop fastening strips. For more extreme use, nylon snap rivets are furnished. If the nylon snap rivets are used, two holes will need to be drilled.


When securing the tray to the dash with hook and loop fastening strips, remove protective backing from one side of the fasteners (which come attached to each other) and secure the exposed adhesive backing to the rectangular raised areas on bottom of tray.


JK 2007-2010



Installation Instructions

JK Dash Top Tray

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